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Hi everyone! This is Adventures Dream, a Pakistan based travel expert as well as the founder of this site. As we all now, Pakistan has become the best place to visit in 2020. If you love traveling and have ever asked yourself the questions like:

  • How to arrange money, as traveling seems very costly?
  • Where to get the best travel deals, cheap flights, accommodation
  • How to save money during traveling?
  • How to plan a trip and stay safe and healthy during the journey?

Then you are at right place because you are not alone!

Over the last few years, I have helped a lot of people in answering above mentioned questions. I have helped them to travel more, instead of spending their time in thinking about such questions, with time tested and proven tips and advises. By using this site, instead of being overwhelmed the flood of information on the internet, you can save your time. And spend it more on the thing that you want to do, that is TRAVELING.


Adventures Dream | Best Travel Site | adventuresdream.com

Being a passionate lover of traveling, I never get many opportunities of traveling till my college. Being born in Sialkot, Pakistan, traveling was not something that my family or friends do. I took my first bike road trip when I was 17 years old. I know how hard it was to make some of my friends to go with me. But that was the trip that changed my life. It opened me up to all the possibilities the world had to offer.

From that moment, I was hooked on traveling. After my college, I completed my graduation in INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY and selected freelancing as a source of earning. And since then, I have traveled many places in various countries. I have traveled thousands of miles, slept in hundreds of hotels, tried different types of foods, made many friends and have learned different languages. Now, I have made it my mission help other travelers like YOURSELF to make them realize that nothing is impossible if you really want to do it.


If you have ever wanted to learn how to travel cheaper, experience the local side of a destination, and turn your dream trip into a reality, you are in the right place. This website will give you road tested tips, advice, and suggestions so you can see more for less.

On this website, you will find:

  • Tested and proven tips from years of experience.
  • Travel tips that can be applied to any destination in the world.
  • In-depth reporting that lets you know which sites really do help you save money!
  • Top destinations and best food around the globe.
  • Major trending NEWS throughout the world.
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