The Best ABS Workout Routine: Complete Guide to Get ABS

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The 20 Best Abs Workout Routine Without Equipment

There is a wide variety of abs workout that will help you achieve a strong core. Everybody want to know about how to get abs fast? But, don’t know the abs workout routine to build ab muscles. Here, I will show you some abs exercise to give your abs a complete exposure.

I have arranged 20 abs exercises for the best ab muscles. All you need is to follow the abs workout routine for your question on how to get abs fast?

Best abs workout without equipment is not that hard. All you need to have is some dedication.

Those abs make you look great, and more than that, you will have a flat belly. No more hiding your belly from the people.

You can easily show your belly if you have its shape. Follow these no equipment’s 20 abs exercise given below.

You will have not only perfect abs but also a good posture. These abs exercises help you in developing core strength.

For those who want to get a complete guide for every exercise, visit get fit section.

Just pick abs exercise from the list below and turn them into the ultimate abs workout.

Total Abs

abs exercise

A strong belly is your secret weapon.

Not only it makes you look good, but it becomes a performance multiplier in everything you do.

The abs are helpful to transfer power from the lower body to the upper body and vice versa.

So, a strong abdominal wall enables this to happen with the minimum amount of loss.

When you have ripped abs, therefore, you run faster, lift better, feel more energetic, and look good naked.

But, still, the question is how to get abs fast? Here’s the answer!

These are some of the total abs workout routines.

Level: 3 levels
Sets: 3 sets in 1st level, 4 sets in 2nd level, and 5 sets in the 3rd level.
Rest: 30 seconds rest between sets


  • Lie down on your back.
  • Bend your legs and place feet on the ground to stabilize your lower body
  • Place your hand behind your ears and avoid pulling your neck.
  • Curl your upper body up towards your knees and exhale as you lift.
  • Lower yourself slowly towards the starting point and inhale as you lower.

Make sure you do 20 sit-ups in every set!

Reverse Crunches

  • Lie flat on your back.
  • Place your arms down beside your body.
  • Bend your knees if you need to do so.
  • Draw your knees towards your head.
  • Lift your knees upwards at the top of the movement.
  • Lower your knees back to the hip level.
  • Pause briefly before starting your next rep.

This abs exercise will help you to get lower abs, and It is very beneficial for lower ab muscles.

High Crunches

  • After laying down on the ground, put your hands toward the sky.
  • Without putting pressure on your neck, lift yourself.
  • Slowly get down towards your starting position.

High Crunches will give exposures to your upper abs. This abs workout routine immensely helps full for ab muscles.

Sitting Twists

  • As shown in the image, lay straight by bending your knees.
  • Hold your hands. Do not put pressure on your neck.
  • Curl your body towards your right knee and become to staring position.
  • Curl your body towards your left knee and become to staring position.
  • It will help you to grow your side abs. By doing this abs workout, you will get beautiful curves and stamina.

Knee-to-Elbow Crunches

  • Lie with your back flat on the ground and your legs raised.
  • Hold your hands behind your head and look toward your belly.
  • Contract your abs and bring your knees up to your elbows.
  • Lower your body back to its starting position.

If you are starting and do not have powerful ab muscles, only 1 set is right for you.

Knee Crunches

  • Bend knees and make a knot of your legs.
  • Bring your hands straight backward, as shown in the image.
  • Bring your elbows by curl your upper body up to your knees.
  • Get back to your starting position.

By doing the abs exercise mentioned above, you will get the answer of how to get abs fast?

Knee Crunches help you to gain center shape ab muscles.

These are some of the best abs workout routine. Follow them to get a shredded body shape.

Watch this Video: The Best Abs Workout Routine (2 Minutes 14 Seconds).

Four Minutes Plank

ab muscles

How to get abs fast? This four minutes’ plan can give you an extra dose to build your ab muscles.

Training the belly muscles group is not such an easy task. The muscles do not all respond to the training at the same rate.

And there’s a core group of abdominals’, running beneath the external one with muscle fibers pointing the opposite way.

Here’s the four minutes’ plank for an abs workout routine.

Full Plank

  • Plant hands directly under shoulders like you are about to do a push-up.
  • Ground toe into the floor and squeeze to stabilize your body.
  • Your legs should be working, and be careful not to lock your knees.
  • Neutralize your neck and spine by looking at a spot on the floor about a foot beyond your hands.
  • Your head should be in line with your back.
  • Hold the position for 60 seconds.

As you get more comfortable with a full plank, hold your plank for as long as possible. This abs exercise will strengthen your body with massive stamina.

Elbow Plank

  • Start in plank position and your elbows directly beneath your shoulder.
  • Forearms on the ground. Feet, and hip-wide apart.
  • Be careful not to lock your knees and firmly put your fingertips on the ground.
  • Remain in such a position, as shown in the image for 60 minutes.
  • Don’t forget to breathe!

Elbow Plank helps your abs to get more hard and look more shredded.

Raised Leg Plank

  • Begin in the plank position.
  • Raise your one leg for 30 seconds and then put it down.
  • Raise your other leg for 30 seconds and again become to starting position.

Challenges yourself to balance and stabilize while warming up the body.

Find a connection between respiration and the deepening of your belly as you lift each leg off the floor.

Raised leg plank will put pressure on both sides of the ab muscles.

Side Plank

  • Start on your side with your feet together and one forearm directly below your shoulder.
  • Contract your core and raise your hip until your body is in a straight line from head to feet.
  • So, hold the position without letting your hip drop.
  • Do this for 30 seconds on one side and 30 seconds on the other side.

It is not only a killer core exercise, but side plank also tones your shoulder.

Therefore, this move can also strengthen the deep muscles and lower back pain.

Moreover, these four minutes’ plank exercise helps you to gain hard core and build your ab muscles.

Just follow the abs workout routine to have a shredded body shape.

V-Cut Workout

how to get abs fast | ab muscles

The v-Cut workout is a front abs group workout. It focuses on maintaining your legs off the floor, knees always straight as you go through the exercises.

Breathing and posture are crucial here as they are a vital part of the overall form.

Despite the relatively short training time, this is a level 4 difficulty workout.

Therefore, you feel the burn very quickly.

How to get abs fast?

So, let me show you some exercises for the v-cut shaped body.

Level: 1st level 20 seconds each, 2nd level 30 seconds each, and 3rd level 60 seconds each.

Boat Pose Hold

  • Sit with your knees bend and feet flat on the floor.
  • Grasp your legs under your thighs, slightly above your knees.
  • Lean back slightly and lift your feet off the floor so that your shins are parallel to the floor.
  • Extend your arms straight out in front of you at shoulder heights with palms facing up.
  • Split this workout into three levels.
  • Remain in this position for 20 seconds for level one, 30 seconds for level two, and 60 seconds for level three.

Anything is worth doing, especially with the Boat Pose Hold for the v-cut shaped body.

So, this abs workout routine is beneficial in gaining ab muscles.

Leg Raises (90 Degrees)

  • Lie flat on the ground and don not bend your knees.
  • Place your hands behind your ears.
  • Press your lower back into the ground.
  • Now raise your legs towards your belly until you make a 90-degree angle.
  • Lower your legs at a smooth and constant pace.
  • Wait a while and then again do as mentioned above.

Double-legs lift should be done with great care because they engage the hip flexor.

So, there is a risk of hyper-extending the lower back.

Therefore, leg raises carry a beneficial effect on your ab muscles.

Raise Legs Spread

  • Lay down in the position with straight legs.
  • Pull your legs up and stop at 20cm.
  • Spread your legs in the air, as shown in the picture.
  • Then come to your staring position gently.
  • You need to do this abs workout routine according to levels, as mentioned above.

So, keep your legs off the floor at all times throughout the workout.

Just do these abs exercise like I mention above and gain its benefit for your ab muscles.

Therefore, you will also get the answer of how to get abs fast?

Boat Hold Flutter Kicks

  • Get into the position of boat pose hold, but with a little difference.
  • Put your one leg down on the ground, and the other on in boat hold pose position.
  • Then do it the same for the other leg, as you can see in the picture.
  • Carry out this workout routine according to the levels.

By doing these four abs workouts, you will get v-shaped body abs and look shredded.

So, these abs exercises will grow your abs fast.

So that you will get your answer on how to get abs fast?

Sofa Abs

abs workout routine

After a busy day, all you want is the chance to put work out of your mind.

The first thing that comes into your mind is to land on the sofa and turn on the television.

But, by watching television, you can’t grow your abs muscles. No need to worry!

You can do your abs exercise by sitting on your sofa and watching television.

Your body is your equipment, and the sofa is your gym.

If you are on your couch, it’s time to get the answer on how to get abs fast?

Moreover, there are several abs exercises that you can do by just sitting on the sofa.

So, here are some of the exercises you can do while watching television.

Level: 3 levels
Sets: 3 sets in 1st level, 4 sets in 2nd level, and 5 sets in the 3rd level.
Rest: Rest up to 2 minutes

Leg Swings

Sit on the sofa, turn on your television and start swinging your legs gently by putting pressure on the belly.

Raise Knees Hold

Pull your knees towards your stomach by sitting on the sofa. Hold your legs in this position for a while.

Knee to Elbow

Bring your left knee to the right elbow and right knee to left elbow. Hence, this will put pressure on your belly, and you help to grow abs.

Flutter Kick

Pull your legs up and hold, as you can see in the picture. Now, raise your right leg and put it to the starting position and vice versa.

Raise legs twists

Now, raise your legs and twist your upper body to put force on your stomach. So, turn your body right and left for abs exercise.


Scissors are tough abs exercise to do and favorable for abs. Pull your legs and start doing scissor style cutting, as shown in the picture.

There are many other abs workout routines to answer how to get abs fast?

Let me know if you want me to share more no-equipment abs workout routine. Now, don’t waste your time and take the benefits of these fantastic exercises and get beautiful abs.

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