06 Best Back Workouts for Mass!

Back Workout


If you are a fitness freak and looking for back workout for mass, I don’t need to impress upon you how critical it is to have a well-developed strong back. Here you will find the best workout routines.

As for the rest of you, I get that it is going to take some convincing. You don’t see your strong back when you’re looking in the mirror.

People don’t see it when you’re entering a room, so it’s understandable if back development isn’t your priority. Most of the people give all the priority to chest workout.

But ask yourself this: What do people see when they look at you from behind?

Are they dazzled by a rough, thick, widespread physique? Or is there a void between your shoulders; a flat, muscle-less expanse that cries weakness? As back workout also work on your biceps when you pull weight, so you can do combine back and biceps workout.

So, you’ve got to respect your back, brother!

Thus, here are six specific back workout for mass to achieve your particular back-development goals.

Go after this back workout routine for 4-6 weeks to become a true 360-degree badass.

Now, without any delay, here are my top 6 back building exercises, ranked in particular order.


Back Workout for Mass

The pulldown back workout works the back muscles, especially LATS ( latissimus dorsi ).

The LAT pull-down is a cable-based back exercise machine that’s ever-present in gyms around the world.

This male back building exercise is easy to learn and is highly effective. This allows for variable resistance depending on where you place the pin in the stack


This exercise targets the LATS. The cable allows for continuous tension and this exercise movement are easy to learn and execute.


3 Sets of 12 Reps.


strong back

One-Arm Dumbbell Row is the best back workout routine when you’re looking to build a strong back.

This male back exercise is popular for building the latissimus dorsi or LAT muscles of the back.

The bench is used for support during the rowing motion.


This back workout for mass targets the LATS. It builds bigger LAT and allows you to focus on one LAT at time.

Moreover, it allows better range of motion than the barbell curl.


6 Sets of 10 Reps each side.


back workout routine

The reverse grip LAT pull down is a variation of the LAT pull down and an exercise used to build the muscles of the back.

While this back exercise will primarily target the LATS, you will also notice a fair amount of bicep and middle back activation.

It is also a cable-based exercise machine. Instead of taking an overhand grip, you take an underhand grip.

This back builder is easy to learn and highly effective to get strong back.


This exercise targets the LATS. The cable allows for continuous tension.

This back exercise is easy to learn and execute. As, it involves the lower LATS to a greater extent than other pull-downs.


3 Sets of 12 Reps.


male back

The barbell bent-over row is a compound back workout for mass. It is helpful to build strength and size in both the lower and upper back.

Barbell bent-over row targets nearly all the muscles in the back but particularly the LATS, rhomboids and lower male back.

It is commonly utilized as an accessory movement for the deadlift in powerlifting.

But, it is also popular in strength and muscle-focused upper-body workouts.


This exercise also targets the LATS besides rhomboids, spinal erectors, hamstrings and glutes muscles.

It builds both back size and strength. Teaches proper ab bracing and spinal position.

It can be loaded more heavily than other row variations.


6 Sets of 10 Reps.


Back workout for mass

The close-grip pull-down is also a variation on the LAT pull-down.

It is a cable-based exercise machine easily available in gyms. This back building exercise is easy to learn and is also very effective to build strong back.

This allows for variable resistance depending on where you place the pin in the stack.


This back workout routine targets the LATS muscles.

The cable allows for continuous tension. It is also easy to learn and execute.

Close grip pulldown emphasizes the middle of the male back.


3 Sets of 12 Reps.


Back Workout Routine

If you’ve seen someone doing rack pulls in your gym. Then, you might have made the mistake of dismissing them as a poor man’s deadlift.

While it’s true that rack pulls have a shorter range of motion than a deadlift.

But, they work the same muscles and by shortening the movement of the exercise. In this way, the rack pulls allow you to lift a heavier weight.

This will result in strong back muscles. Moreover, it will help to improve your form and power in the top half of a standard deadlift.

It is also as a deadlift alternative for people who can’t deadlift from the floor without pain.


It builds strength and size like deadlift. It can load heavier than a deadlift from the floor.

May be safer for elderly people and beginners than deadlifts from the floor. You can also perform it at many different levels i.e. below the knee, above the knee or just a few inches from lockout.This is a great back workout for mass!


6 Sets of 10 Reps.

These are some of the BEST BACK WORKOUT EXERCISES as per my workout experiences.

Give us your feedback and share your experiences as well in the comment section.

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