How to Thicken Alfredo Sauce? (15 Ways): Without Effecting The Taste

How to Thicken Alfredo Sauce

You have always got the option of purchasing commercially created alfredo sauce. Here, we are going to talk about different ways of how to thicken Alfredo Sauce. There are also some companies that mix in the cream cheese and food thickener to make the sauce thick. This overlaps the Parmesan flavor of the cheese. To disregard doing that, you need to use one of the following components to make the alfredo sauce all thick. But some companies mix in cream cheese and food thickener to thicken the sauce, overlapping the Parmesan cheese flavor. We are about to tell you some ways of making the sauce of Alfredo Pasta, which would help you make the sauce of yours up to the mark and good in taste.

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Multiple Ways To Make Your Sauce Thick:

You surely do not want to overlap. To avoid doing that, use one of the following components to thicken alfredo sauce. Everyone is a fan of the delish Italian pasta. Whenever you go to any restaurant, the first thing you think of to eat is pasta. So, you will also aspire to know How To Thicken Alfredo Sauce, which could also give you a rich and good taste. We are going to tell you 15 different ways to make your sauce thick. You need to comprehend every way carefully. Once you understand the details, you will be able to make your sauce all great and well.

1- Use of Butter To Thick Alfredo Sauce:

When you pour the sauce over the pasta, you feel that the sauce is too thin. Then at that time, you need to add one teaspoon of butter. Afterward, you are supposed to turn the heat to the medium and keep stirring the mixture until it becomes all thick. This suspension also adapts the fat atoms of the sauce, and at last, you get a thick sauce that you want.

2- Use of Egg Yolk:

Egg yolks are amazing to thicken any mixture. You have seen that when we need to make the soup thick, then we do the use of egg yolks. If you wish to make your sauce all thick, you would need to get the needed number of eggs and separate it from the white thing. After this, you will beat it and mix it with the paste of water. Once you mix it with the paste of water, then you will keep on whisking the mixture. Take one tablespoon of the sauce and then mix it with the mixture of egg, mixing it repetitively. You will let the mixture blend till the sauce gets thick.

3- Use of Corn Flour:

Corn flour is also something that we add in many eatables to get a thick paste. For this, you need to take one tablespoon of corn flour and dilute it with three tablespoons of cold water, mix it methodically. Include the mixture into the sauce with medium heat. You will then stir the mixture continuously to disregard any formation of the lumps. The reason is you do not want that, and this is How To Thicken Alfredo Sauce significantly. Now it is up to you how you make it with the help of the guidance as given.

4- How to Thicken Alfredo Sauce Using Fresh Mozzarella Cheese:

When you make the sauce, you will need to include mozzarella cheese and gradually boil at least temperature. This tactic would also help you to make your sauce think commencing itself. You could also cover the mozzarella cheese with the Parmeggiano Reggiano and shadow the same procedure.

5- Use of Roux:

Roux could also be used to make the agent all thick. It could also be made while making the alfredo sauce. Then you will mix it in the equal price of butter and flour and will then cook it for a while too. After this, you need to include the mixture in the sauce and stir it unceasingly with least heat.

6- Use of Cubed Cream Cheese:

Comparable to the mozzarella cheese procedure, the cream cheese must also be mixed in at the time of boiling. Since the cream would be thick, so you will get a thick sauce too, which would be best for you.

7- How to Thicken Alfredo Sauce With Cornstarch:

You need to take one tablespoon of water and mix it with one tablespoon of cornstarch systematically. Then, you would include the mixture in the sauce while it would be boiling. This will help you completely to make your sauce all thick.

8- Use of Flour:

You can also use the flour to thick the sauce of Alfredo pasta. You will aspire to have a teaspoon of the flour and mix it with the cold water. The cold water is mandatory to disregard any lumps as you surely do not want lumps in your sauce. Once you make the flour and water mixture all smooth. Then you need to add it to your sauce during the beating, until it becomes all think according to your desire.

9- Heavy Cream:

Beat in somewhat heavy cream into the sauce with medium heat and get to a simmer or somewhat more thickness. It could also get so much cream though to make much quantity of the sauce thick, so you will not find this option good every time.

10- How to Thicken Alfredo Sauce using Vegetables:

Vegetables are one of the best ways to make anything thicken. So, for your sauce, you could mash some vegetables and include them in the sauce. The mashed cooked cauliflower could also work suitable and perfect for you. There are many people who do not like the taste of vegetables in the sauce, but this is one of the ways to make your sauce thick.

11- Use of Parmesan Cheese:

Include some shredded best-quality Parmesan cheese into the sauce. This sauce works amazing for you than anything else. This will also give a great taste to your pasta.

12- Shredded Cheese:

Beating in some best quality of cheese that you get shredded yourself could also work well for you. In case if you are supposed to have this cheese, then you could try pre-shredded cheese. But you also need to know that the pre-shredded does not blend in the sauces. So, you could also use a brand you know and believe. If you could, then you can also shred your cheese using a box grater or even a processor of food. It also depends on how hat you like, such as provolone, mozzarella, or even the white cheddar would be a good fit for your sauce as well.

13- How to Thicken Alfredo Sauce Using Potato Starch:

You must be wondering if you could make the potato starch roux as it would be delish for you. This is an instant fix thickening way, which will also give you the best taste. For this, you will need to melt one tablespoon of unsalted butter in a frying pan. After this, you are supposed to include one tablespoon of potato starch. Then, mix the potato starch during cooking until it is completely added, and the roux is properly cooked.

14- Add Potato Flakes:

This is also another way to make the sauce of alfredo hot in which you add quick potato flakes. Mix it and cook for a minute. This way, the potatoes would engross some of the liquid and will make it much thick. You will also notice that the flakes of the potato change the flavor of the sauce somewhat.

15- Use of Corn Starch:

So, the corn starch could also be a beneficial thing in your pasta, if you need to make your sauce all think. You will need to add a tablespoon of corn starch in a half cup of water. Then you would include this mixture in the sauce and stir until it gets its consistency completely.


So, we have explained to you all the ways of How to Thicken Alfredo Sauce. It will help you in making of your sauce all thick according to your need and desire. It is most important for you to make much amount of alfredo pasta than you think you would require or use. When you get the larger quality of the ingredients you go, then this way, there will be so much sauce as well. There is also a tip for you that making your sauce so much thick after doing one of these ways makes your sauce so much thick. Then this way, you could also add somewhat milk or cream to make it a little bit thick. It is very vital for you to keep all these things in your mind so that you will be able to get the required sauce.

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