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Years ago, I was driving in Ireland, on its beautiful roads.

Driving in a new country can be quite frightening but my first drive in Ireland was fairly amazing. But, as a backpacker, it was a great experience for me.

I also used to visit many places by driving in Ireland.

I followed different rules of traveling on my tour and visit different charming and attractive motorways.

My suggestion for you must have the best travel insurance for your journey.

I’ll explain my experience of driving in Ireland in the following.

Rules of Travelling in Ireland:

I also followed different rules of driving.

In starting, it was difficult for me to follow the rules but gradually I got familiar with this situation.

We should have to follow rules of driving in Ireland like speed limits, driving side, road signs, etc.

The following are some rules of traveling that we should have to follow in Ireland.

Speed limits:

The speed limits are different in different areas of the Republic of Ireland. Speed limits and distances are posted in kilometers in Ireland.

The speed limits in urban areas are about 50 kph or 30mph while on the motorways the speed limit is 120kph or 74.5mph.

In the northern areas of Ireland, the speed limit in urban areas is 45kph or 30mph and on single carriageways is 95kph.

While on dual carriageways the speed limit is 110kph. Single carriageway means a road with a single lane in each direction.

Dual carriageway means a single road has some kind of divider in it and traffic is going in both directions.

Road signs:

The direction signs are in blue for motorways, green for national roads, while white for local roads in the Republic of Ireland.

The warning signs in Northern areas of Ireland generally meet with the International Standards.

On the other hand, a warning sign in the Republic of Ireland is still a bit old-fashioned.

In Ireland, all places names will be listed in both Irish and English, and the distance is mentioned in both kilometers and miles.

While in Northern Ireland, all signs are mentioned in English and use miles to communicate distances.

Cell phones:

The use of mobile/cell phones in Ireland while driving is strictly banned.

Bluetooth devices and the use of hands-free are allowed but still, police warn to use them because these things also create a distraction.

Also, let the passenger become the navigation while driving in Ireland because it’s the rule that the driver cannot touch a phone while driving.

Drinking and driving:

It is very dangerous to drive after drinking alcohol also it is taken very seriously in Ireland.

The legal limit of alcohol in Ireland while driving is 0.5 milligrams per milliliter of blood. It is lower than that of 0.8 legal limits in other countries.

Driving on the left side of the road:

In Ireland, you must drive on the left side.

You must remember to drive on the left side. It feels like to view yourself in a mirror of what you do thinking when driving on the right.

Sometimes the person who is familiar with driving on the right of the road forgets to stay on the left side.

But whenever you want to turn the car or come to the stop, make it sure to stay to the left.

Some people find that it helps to have a small post-it note saying “Stay-in left”.

Gas Stations:

Most gas stations or petrol pumps in Ireland are smaller than the standard gas stations in North America.

A gas station can be few or far between in rural areas, also almost none of them offer 24/7 service.

It’s a good idea to refill your tank when it comes to half.

Also, you must have to check what gas the car needs and what gas does the pump provides.

If you make the mistake of filling up the wrong fuel, then don’t start the car and contact with mobile tank-cleaner which is costly but not as to buy a new engine.

Toll roads:

Most toll roads are in the Republic of Ireland, on the other hand, there is no troll in northern motorways of Ireland.

The system of motorways of the Republic of Ireland is still old.

I stopped at all toll booths to pay which cut off the actual time of the travel.

But its roads are clean, I enjoyed driving in the motorways of Ireland.

If your car’s license is photographed on the mirror of then you’ll be able to pay your toll roads online.

It will save you a lot of time and you will be able to get more experience of driving in Ireland.

Requirements for driving in Ireland

Following are the requirements for driving in the Republic of Ireland without it you are unable to drive in Ireland:

  • You will need a national license of Ireland or an international driving license and the permit to drive in Ireland.
  • The password will also be required if you don’t have your picture on your license.
  • You must also have a vehicle verification document and motor insurance either in your name or on whom the motor is registered.
  • If the car is not registered in your name, then you must have the permission letter from the rental car company and the owner of the car who is giving this to you to drive the car.
  • A first-aid kit and visibility vest also required for driving in Ireland.

Places to drive in Ireland:

There are many roads and motorways in the Republic of Ireland to test your driving skills.

I also visit those motorways on my tour to Ireland, these motorways pass from different landscapes, sea views, and historical forts.

I can explain my experience of traveling on different roads and motorways of Ireland in the following:

World Wild Atlantic Motorway:

The World Wild Atlantic Motorway is a world-class road for driving.

I was also driving in that charming and beautiful motorway.

It is purely clean and too smooth which provides many chances for traveling in the motorway and test your driving skills.

It is 2500km long and gives chance to see different landscapes and beautiful sea scenes on its way.

Also, it passes from nine Irish Countries.

It was quite surprising for me, when I saw beautiful landscapes, dramatic coastlines, especially to see six Irish countries on my way.

Its roads are narrow and quite windy, its windy nature was disturbing for me to drive but then I slow my vehicle and enjoy it.

It refreshes my mind.

The motorway starts in the south of Ireland and ends at the mostly coast northern side of Ireland.

In this way, it passes from different Irish states and its beautiful scenery refreshes my mind.

Ring of Kerry:

Ring of Kerry is a scenic drive in the city of Ireland Kerry.

It was quite interesting for me to drive on this beautiful and charming road.

Which is 124 miles or 200km long and contains different charming views on its way.

It was wonderful for me to see coastal landscapes, small villages, small forests with beautiful scenery, ancient rivers, and old forts on my way to this road.

After seeing this I thought to myself that it is the most beautiful day of my life.

I’m not wrong to say that this is one of the best motorway road trips or tours.

It also attaches to the wild Atlantic motorway from the different coastline of Kerry.

This motorway makes the shape of a ring that’s why it is called Ring of Kerry.

Causeway Coast Drive:

It is 130 miles or 212km scenic drive that covers with beautiful scenery and coastlines.

Causeway coast drive name is drawn from the name of a great giant because it entails huge stones and sea views.

It was too amazing for me to drive on this road and it gives me relish of my life.

That gives me a great experience of driving in Ireland.

It is with the stunning coast of Northern Ireland, also contacts with the wild Atlantic motorway.

It’s famous for a motorbike road trip, also it’s among the most famous motorbike touring roads of the Republic of Ireland.

I was traveling on a motorbike on this road and also take various snaps of mine from different beautiful places and monuments.

We can also do many interesting activities by traveling on this road by staying on the coastline, playing different games, taking snaps, and many more.

Boyne Valley Drive:

It is among the most ancient motorways of the Republic of Ireland.

This road is with the beautiful valley of Boyne.

Which is 120 miles or 190km long and shows the beautiful scenery of the Boyne valley.

It was a great pleasure to drive on this road and its soothing effect on me was too pleasurable.

It was made in the reign of High Kings since the second century AD.

I could start this road from different points but to start from the valley of Drogheda was too enjoyable because it shows the beautiful scenery of this valley while driving in the antique road of the Republic of Ireland.

Also, many historical monuments were coming into my way and I took many snaps there.

A motorbike trip with the best outdoor gears is the best way to enjoy the relish of traveling on this road.

I visited many historical man-made structures that are popular in the world.

I advised you to take a motorbike to enjoy the real pleasure of this road by traveling and visit many historical monuments on the way to this road.

Should you rent a car in Ireland?

Traveling in your car gives more experience in traveling and you will be able to learn more about the rules of traveling in other countries.

However, Ireland provides the facility of the bus to travel across the roads of the Republic of Ireland.

Renting the car is the best technique if you want to visit Irish countries, to see the beauties of monuments and to visit historical places.

You should rent a car then you’ll be able to stop at different points and see the beautiful scenery and takes a different snap.

But, if you only want to visit Dublin then I suggest the bus traveling or book your cab.