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How to Deadlift

How to Deadlift: The Best Guide

The deadlift is one of the most praising exercises existing, and you should know how to Deadlift! Some people will threaten you by saying that deadlifting is a dangerous exercise. But the truth is, nothing is terrifying doing the deadlift. The deadlift is one of those lifts that allow building strength and...

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Chair dips

How to Do Chair Dips With Proper Form

Chair dips is a useful exercise to do without any special equipment. Chair dip exercise strengthens your triceps. Here I’ll show you what is a chair dip and how to do chair dips? When you become in the position of doing chair dips, the triceps hold up you all body weight. In...

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banana juice | banana milkshake | onion and banana juice | banana shake | banana protein shake

Banana Juice Recipe

The Banana juice is a sweet and creamy combination of ripe banana, apple, honey, and milk (or water). If you’ve ever tasted plain banana milkshake, you are probably familiar with chalky mouthfeel and blend flavor. If you are a banana shake lover, then you should also try onion and banana...

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Back and Biceps workout | bicep workouts

Back and Biceps Workout

A back and biceps workout is coming for you! The back and bicep workout will focus on your biceps and back muscles. Here you’ll see bicep workouts for men and also how to do bicep workouts at home. There’s no hard and fast rule starting that back and bicep workout need...

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Hi everyone! This is Adventures Dream, a Pakistan based travel expert as well as the founder of this travel blog. As we all now, Pakistan has become the best holiday destination to visit in 2020. If you love traveling and have ever asked yourself the questions like:

  • How to arrange money, as traveling seems very costly?
  • Where to get the best travel deals, cheap flights, accommodation
  • How to save money during traveling?
  • How to plan a trip and stay safe and healthy during the journey?

Then you are at right place because you are not alone!

Over the last few years, I have helped a lot of people in answering above mentioned questions. I have helped them to travel more, instead of spending their time in thinking about such questions, with time tested and proven tips and advises. By using Adventures Dream site, instead of being overwhelmed the flood of information on the internet, you can save your time. And spend it more on the thing that you want to do, that is TRAVELING.