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There is no doubt that methods of skin care is one of the most important concerns of many, and they do not hesitate to obtain a fresh skin free of flaws in spending a lot of time and money.

And skin care differs from one weather to another, skin care in summer and the high temperature and hot sun rays differ On the cold and dry winter weather, too.

The skin is exposed to many challenges in the winter season.

The cold, dry and frosty winter weather affects the skin with several effects, the most important of which is the dryness of the skin.

With the continuous low temperatures, the surrounding environment becomes dry, which leads to a lack of moisture and the result is the dryness of the skin of the hands, lips and feet.

Dry skin for those with sensitive skin can develop into cracking and infections as well, and therefore the winter weather needs to strengthen the skin care regime because nothing complements this ritual except fresh and healthy skin.

Here are the rules that you must follow to take care of the skin this winter in order to maintain a radiant complexion and express it peacefully from the winter frosts.


Moisturizing routine is the key to preserving the skin, as hydration is an important part of your skin care regimen, especially in dry and cold winters.

Make sure to have the appropriate moisturizing lotion for your skin type and remember to apply it within a few minutes of showering to keep the skin moist. It is one of the best methods of skin care.

Use Vaseline:

Make Vaseline a close friend to you in the winter

Never give it up.

It is a product that will not let you down in solving winter skin problems, from cracked feet to dry knees and elbows, and it also has many uses from moisturizing the skin to removing makeup.

Moisturizing Hand Cream:

It is important to keep hand cream in your bag or on your desk, so in order to keep soft and healthy hands this winter.

Moisturizing hand cream should remain in your bag at all times and do not hesitate to use it regularly, especially if you have to wash your hands with water while you are outside.

Avoid Showers in Very Hot Water:

Avoiding hot water shower is one of the methods of skin care.

There is no better nor more tempting than bathing in hot water in the bitter cold of winter.

But, bathing in high temperatures works to dry the skin more even as it leads to the removal of the natural oils from the skin and the more these oils are removed, the drier the skin.

So, make sure that the temperature “The water does not reach a high temperature to avoid damage to the skin and body in general”, according to best dermatologist in islamabad.

Lip Balm:

One of the most prominent effects of cold and dry winter weather is cracking of the lips, so you must use lip balm constantly.

And avoid moistening the lips with the tongue, because saliva does not increase the skin but cracks and dryness, and you can use many recipes to remove excess skin and cracking from the lips.

Makeup Removal:

Get rid of wet wipes to remove makeup and use gentle cleansing creams on the skin.

Wet wipes may be comfortable, easier and faster to use, but cleansing creams for removing makeup moisturize the skin.

And remove makeup completely, because skin care products such as wet wipes that contain alcohol and sulfates do not It not only irritates the skin, but also increases its dryness.

Excessive Hair Removal:

Removing hair is also one of the methods of skin care.

Excess hair removal is a necessity for women, but one of the wrong decisions that can be used is to use the blade to remove this hair.

Removing excess hair in this way in the winter increases the dryness of the skin and this may result in skin infections.

Therefore, dermatologists recommend that care should be taken in choosing a method of removing Excess hair in the winter and ensure continuous moisturizing of the skin.