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Are you tired of the inconveniences commercial flights cause and seek a better alternative? If you do, a Private Jet Charter is the best solution that lets you enjoy unmatched privacy, convenience, and more. However, some things remain constant when you choose to fly on a private jet. That is, you would still need to observe Private Jet Etiquette to make your trip enjoyable for you and other travelers. Here are top tips for maintaining private jet etiquette.

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Keep Time

Yes, it’s exciting to fly on a private jet. It makes you feel like living on the proverbial cloud nine. You avoid all the hassles and time-wasting inconveniences on the other side of the divide. Thus, you can arrive at the airport even as late as 15 minutes to departure time.

However, please don’t make it a habit to arrive late at the airport. Prepare everything a day before your flight. But if unavoidable emergencies crop up, courtesy demands you apologize genuinely and profusely.

Best Private Jet Etiquette is Honor Your Host

Honor the person who pays for or invites you to a private jet charter. It’s respectable to allow them to enter first and take the best seat they deserve before you do. Otherwise, you could be asked to give up the seat you occupied if it was meant for them. So, save yourself and others from the embarrassment.


It’s also critical to be considerate when packing your luggage for a private jet trip. Note that smaller jets have small cabins that accommodate limited luggage. Therefore, be courteous and carry as few items as you can.

Mind Your Bathroom Manners

Most private jets have enclosed bathrooms onboard. Use and leave them as clean as you found them. Alternatively, relieve yourself at the airport before leaving if you are going for a short trip. Moreover, bathrooms in smaller jets are cramped. It’s wise to use them only when it’s a must, especially if you are traveling with your business colleagues.

Dress Appropriately

They say that people will address you the way you dress. So, dress appropriately when flying on a private jet. If you are flying for a business function, dress formally. And if you are flying to attend a social event, dressing casually should be fine. Overall, your dress should reflect decency and sophistication.

If a business associate invited you to the flight, ask them about the acceptable dressing code. If you are the flight’s host, ask those who will fly with you to dress accordingly.

Handle Photos and Social Media Carefully

Social media and selfies are lingering trends. Definitely, you would like to take photos and selfies everywhere on the plane and post them on your social media accounts. However, you would need some wisdom in this.

If you want photos with your business colleagues, avoid including them in your pictures without their knowledge. Be very careful before posting those snaps online and mentioning the events. Some people don’t want to publicize their travel arrangements. Therefore, it’s wise to ask for their permission before posting them. But if you are traveling with your family, no big deal here.

Another Best Private Jet Etiquette is Tipping

Tipping is a cherished tradition in the aviation industry. And, it’s here to stay for the foreseeable future. So, how do you handle tipping when boarding a private jet? Most charter jet companies allow you to tip their pilots and flight attendants. However, some prohibit the behavior. So, it’s wise to determine if the particular private jet company allows or forbids it.

This inquiry will save you the embarrassment of trying to tip the flight attendants only for them to turn down your offer. While jet crew members like and appreciate this tradition, don’t make them uncomfortable by insisting when their company policy forbids it.

Make Demands Politely

Private jet flights have many benefits and rights you can enjoy. But, it’s kind to ask for those rights politely. Whether you need your favorite drink or decoration for special occasions, be polite to avoid sounding like a demand agent.

Don’t Hang Around the Airport After Landing

Lastly, show etiquette when you land and alight from the private jet. Don’t hang around the airport even if you are new to the destination. Leave the site immediately. You can arrange for a swift taxi or helicopter transfer when you land. If you forget to do it, you can ask your pilot to do you a favor by arranging one.

Etiquette is a necessary element for all private jet flights. Whether you are the flight host or a guest, it’s good of you to show courtesy inside before, during, and after the flight. Keep in mind these tips to elevate your jet etiquette.

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