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Are you looking to choose the best hiking backpack for your upcoming journey in 2020? It can be a challenging task for you!

Only a true backpacker can understand the value of a perfect backpack according to the journey.

In the past days, backpacks were considering schools or carrying stuff.

But in the modern era, designs are stylish and smarter than ever to carry your belonging during your trip.

In my opinion, you can’t get far without a perfect backpack.

So, I’m here to help you discover the best travel backpack for your trip.

Moreover, a good backpack put less strain on your body so that you can carry your belonging with you without any stress.

No matter if you are looking for a cheap backpack for budget travel or a premium backpack for business travel, you’ll get every detail in this article.

Without further delay, check out a quick view of the best travel backpacks below:

How I Manage this List

No doubt, you want trustworthy information for your traveling gear.

So, I’m here to share the best information available on the internet for you!

When I started Adventures, it was very challenging for me to get the best hiking backpack.

However, after many years of experience, I’ve gathered a list of the best travel backpacks for you!

There’s no commission on the links that I’ve added in this article.

All the products are well used by myself.

I know many backpackers don’t have a luxury budget, that’s why I’ve listed the best hiking backpacks in performance and the lowest prices.

Below I’ve thoroughly described each backpack I’ve mentioned above.

It is recommended that you find a cheap flight to the place you are going for your cheap journey.

What’s the Best Travel Backpack to Take on Your Next Journey?

Indeed, there’s no direct answer to this question.

Different travelers have different requirements and budgets.

From my list of 20 backpacks, you’ll be able to distinguish which backpack suits you.

So, carry on your reading to select the best backpack.

Things You Must Notice to Buy a Backpack

If you travel frequently or planning a big journey, I’ll recommend you to buy a lightweight and versatile backpack.

Every traveler needs a backpack according to need.

I’ve listed 20 best hiking backpacks! So, you have many options to select a pack for you.

So, here’s the things that you must keep in mind while getting a backpack.


A perfect backpack should not break the bank.

So, the first thing to do is to finalize your budget and then start searching to get a backpack.

As a wise man said, “Your pack can last for years and thousands of miles, so make sure to invest in the one that’s high-quality.”

Here, you’ll get a low budget high-quality backpack for your journey!

Size and Capacity

The size of a backpack depends on your type of trip.

When you ask a retailer to recommend a travel backpack, they’ll certainly push you to buy the expensive one.

But keep in mind, every journey does not require an expensive or a big backpack.

So, when you are choosing, make sure you have a list of stuff that you will carry with you.

In this way, you can quickly determine the perfect size for your journey.

In general, I’ve mentioned below which size is best for a different type of traveling.

  • 10-30 L Backpacks is best for weekend trips because you’ll not have so much stuff to carry with you.
  • 35-50 L Backpacks are best for a week or more than a week’s travel. Make sure you take these backpack when you don’t have to pack for weather changes.
  • 55-70 L Backpacks is best when you have moderate stuff to carry with you. Most of the time, people prefer these when they’re going to climb a mountain.
  • 75-130 L Backpacks are the heaviest ones. You’ll need these backpack when you’re going for a very long trip, or you’re going to wander in the forests.

Well, it was a general view of size.

However, don’t forget to choose a backpack according to your needs!


Usually, it is considering the importance of backpack will be according to its size.

But, you can carry more weight in a small backpack too!

In my opinion, carrying a comprehensive and concise weight is better than heavy and less stuff.


Most of the backpack is top-loading, that means you’ve to load backpack from the top.
But, most travel-friendly backpack is one which you can load from the front.
To be exact, it will look like a suitcase, and it’ll be straightforward for you to locate your gear.

Carry-on Friendly

Nowadays, airlines are very strict about carry-on bag during the flight.

I highly recommend you take no more massive than 40L Backpack into the flight.

Pockets on Backpack

Too many pockets are not suitable for you!

What I meant to say is when you have a lot of pockets, it’ll be hard for you to locate your stuff quickly.

Pockets on Backpack are for your documents, keys, and passport so that you can get quick access to it.


The most important thing to know is the straps of the Backpack.

Just imagine, you are carrying a backpack with bad straps, and you’re carrying heavyweight, you’ll be unable to go far with it.

So, when you select one for you, make sure it will not bother your shoulder and back during the trip.


If you want to have the best hiking backpack for you, you must have to consider whether it’s fit for you or not.

You should measure your torso length while choosing a backpack.

You may be confusing what torso length is?

Well, it is the length from your neck to the upper hip.

Moreover, you also have to measure your hip size.

Weather Resistance

Make sure to have a backpack with built-in weather resistance characteristics.

Some backpacks need special rain-cover, while some have rain resistance built-in.

Don’t let your stuff to get wet.


Finally, the design of backpack has a significant impact on your travel.

Some designs are more comprehensive and some or lengthy. It’s up to you which model you’ll select for your journey.

Why Should You Trust Us?

Over the past five years, we’ve been traveling solo as well as in groups.

Some of our tours were one day, but most of them were long tours.

We’ve been using various backpacks in these years for hiking and gather a list of the best hiking backpacks for you.

After using various branded and non-branded bags, we get to know a single seller who will provide you with the best price and quality.

This article does not have any affiliation with that seller. I’ll not get any commission if you purchase from that seller.

I just shared this valuable information on behalf of my experiences.

I highly recommend you select this seller to purchase your every backpack for travel.

For now, I’ve given a detailed view of each backpack that you can have on your next journey!

List of the 20 Best Hiking Backpack

Keep reading to have a comprehensive look on details of the best hiking backpack!

Weight: 0.65KG
Volume: 20-35L
Material: Canvas
Usage: Business trips, Weekend traveling, & Small tours
Features: Waterproof, Breathable, Anti-Theft, Shockproof, & Wear-resistance
Price: Check Price Here
Pros: It has a high storage capacity. You can take your laptop, tablet, camera, and many accessories with you. Moreover, you’ll get a USB charging port to charge your mobile. No need to worry about getting wet because it has a waterproof feature.


If you’re a businessman, this backpack suits you well.

You’ll have the capacity to carry your laptop, tablet, camera, and many other gadgets with you in this beautiful backpack.

It is one of the best traveling backpacks I’ve used so far.

The most attractive feature of this bag is Anti-Theft!

It’s created with such a design that no one can see its zip. So, in this way, a thief can’t steal your stuff.

Moreover, it has breathable material and provides a stress reliever back.

Most fascination feature of this backpack is a USB charging port to charge your mobile.

You don’t have to find and socket to put your charger in to charge mobile, you attach USB charging cable with it and start charging your mobile.

Some essential features that I want to share with you are its Opening Design is very satisfying, and also you’ll get card pockets on the strap.

Therefore, you can use this backpack for whether you are going on a business trip or hiking. This backpack will not disappoint you

Weight: 0.52KG Approximately
Volume: 15-25L
Material: High-Quality Oxford Cloth and Polyester
Usage: Business trips, Weekend traveling, & Small tours
Feature: Waterproof, Wear-resistance, and Soft Handles
Price: Check Price Here
Pros: If you’re a businessman, this is the best option available for you. You can take your laptop, tablet, or other accessories and documents with you in this beautiful backpack. Moreover, you don’t need any extra rain cover because this bag is waterproof.


Businessmen Laptop Backpack is specially designed for a businessman.

Because of its simple and generous design, it’s light and easy to carry.

Moreover, it has hidden anti-theft zip to save your accessories and documents from stealing.

There are many small pockets inside this backpack, just the right size to hold all your essentials without being bulky.

There’s also a computer compartment inside the backpack where you can put a 15.6-inches laptop quickly.

Some of its fascinating features are; high-quality, beautiful wear-resistance fabric, smooth zipper design, adjustable shoulder straps, and leather edging handle.

With many stunning features, I highly recommend you take this backpack for your business tour.

Volume: 25-35L
Size: 15 Inches
Material: Canvas and Polyester
Usage: Traveling, Work, Business, Hiking, Trekking
Feature: Large Capacity, Computer Interlayer, Waterproof
Price: Check Price Here
Pros: Its casual design allows you to carry it on your business trips and traveling. When you wear it, you’ll not need to accurate its straps because it has an exact carrying system.

Furthermore, there’s an option of carrying a laptop within it.


Due to its large capacity, you can put portable clothes, books, notebooks, and personal daily necessities.

It has an interlayer to protect your laptop.

Moreover, this backpack’s outer material is waterproof, so no need to worry about getting wet.

This hiking backpack can withstand in various circumstances.

Besides, you’ll get one front pocket and side pockets to carry your digital accessories and other gadgets.

There’s also an option to charge your mobile from the USB charging port outside the pack.

Overall, it’s one of the best backpacks!

Weight: 0.9KG Approximately
Volume: 45L
Material: High-Quality Oxford Cloth and Nylon
Usage: Camping, Hiking, Hunting, Fishing, Trekking, Mountain, Climbing
Feature: Waterproof, Large Capacity, Multi-Layers, Multi-Pockets
Price: Check Price Here
Pros: Using this hiking backpack will allow you to take as much as you need with you. You may use it during climbing as it has the option to carry various ropes with you.


Camping & Hiking Backpack will allow you to carry as much stuff as needed on your hiking journey.

As you see its design, you can get an idea of its muscularity.

I mean look at this backpack, you’ll never regret buying this one!

Everything that a hiker needs in a backpack, you’ll get in it.

So, let me tell you some essential features of this backpack.

It has a comfortable handle, adjustable shoulder straps, reinforced bar-tack, and smooth zips.

Moreover, you can also carry your digital accessories, tablet, and mobile, in it.

Volume: 50-90L
Material: Waterproof High-Quality Nylon
Usage: Camping, Hiking, Hunting, Fishing, Trekking, Mountain, Climbing
Feature: Waterproof, Large Capacity, Multifunction
Price: Check Price Here
Pros: Using this camping backpack will allow you to take as much as you need with you. You may use it during mountaineering and camping because it can hold a lot of essential stuff for you.


Many people think that hiking and camping are the same things.

But, these are two different factors of a backpacking trip.

When You see a camping bag, it means this backpack can carry all those stuff that you’ll need during camping.

Moreover, you’ll be able to hold 90L within this backpack.

It has multi-pockets that’ll full fill your need.

Besides, it also provides you with a chest buckle, side lock, and two-way smooth zips.

As per seller details, you have a variety of colors to select.

Additionally, you don’t need any extra rain cover to protect your belonging because it is waterproof.

As you know, a good backpack can last for many years, so don’t miss this one if you are going to have many journeys in the coming days.

Volume: 110L – 130L
Material: High-Quality Nylon
Usage: Camping, Mountaineering, Hiking, Hunting, Fishing, Trekking
Feature: Waterproof, Multi-function
Price: Check Price Here
Pros: Extra Large Size of this backpack will satisfy you with its storing capacity. You can take whatever you want within this backpack.

It is best for those who want to go on a lengthy backpacking journey. It is more significant than a 24 inches’ trolley case.


I hope you’d like to know about this fantastic hiking backpack.

As shown in the image, it is a large backpack!

So, you may take all of your stuff with you on your journey.

But, it’ll put stress and burden on your shoulder.

A fascinating fact about this backpack is it’s bigger than a 24 inches’ trolley case.

Furthermore, you’ll get multi-pockets, portable top handle, chest strap, and waist strap.

Constructed with ultra-durable and good looking material, this backpack is best for overall use in camping, hiking, and mountaineering.

No doubt, it is one of the best hiking backpacks.

Weight: 0.8KG Approximately
Volume: 50L
Material: Nylon
Usage: Mountaineering, Camping, Hiking, and Traveling
Features: Fit, Waterproof, and High Storage Capacity
Price: Check Price Here
Pros: This backpack has very softback and durable for many journeys. You can use it when you are going to climb mountains, camping, and hiking.


According to customer reviews and product specifications, I highly recommend this waterproof hiking backpack for your trip.

Moreover, it has a contraction band, adjustable buckle, precision sewing lining, hanging system, and adjustable waist buckle.

Also, you’ll get an adjustable and most comfortable shoulder strap.

You may use side pockets of hiking bags to carry a water bottle with you. It has a large front storage pocket with a zip.

As you can carry up to 50L with you, so it will give you more exposure to carry more stuff.

I prefer to take this backpack when you are going on a weeks’ journey.

So, don’t worry, it’s one of the best travel backpacks.

Volume: 36-55L
Material: Nylon and Polyester
Usage: Camping, Traveling, Hiking, Trekking, Mountaineering
Feature: Large Capacity, Waterproof, Interior Zipper Pockets, Air Cushion Belt
Price: Check Price Here
Pros: This backpack is providing small innovation and big convenience. Comfortable shoulder straps make this bake more prominent among the others.

During climbing, you can carry various ropes and accessories within this bag.


If we compare this pack with 16 inches laptop, then the computer will be smaller than this bag.

External charging interface and free charging cable will be with a waterproof travel backpack.

As it’s clear from its name “Travel Backpack,” you may use this backpack on extended travel and daily use.

There are many opportunities for you like glasses hanging buckle, adjustable shoulder straps, and waist fixed buckle.

It has breathable mesh cotton back, and shoulders strap.

Therefore, you can load heavyweight and can carry it quickly during your journey.

So, this waterproof travel backpack is perfect for taking on long journeys.

Weight: 1.28KG
Volume: 25-35L
Material: Canvas and High-Quality Oxford Cloth
Usage: Camping, Hiking, Business Trip, Mountain Climbing
Feature: Fashionable, Cell Phone Pocket, USB Charging port, Computer Interlayer, Anti-Theft
Price: Check Price Here
Pros: One of the classiest backpack that I used many times for hiking. It can be used as a backpack, as well as a trolley case.

Because of its universal design, you’ll get a lot of space for your stuff.


Hike like a pro with Multi-Function Travel Backpack.

This expandable pack will help you to carry as much as your weeks’ journey needs.

The design is eye-catching as well as material is durable to sustain within challenging situations.

To be exact, this bag is best for digital nomads because a person can carry its digital accessories within this pack comfortably.

Its organic design will help you to relieve stress.

Moreover, there’s also a USB charging port for mobiles.

Strong manual line, water repellent, and scratch-resistance are also its features.

So, you can keep your work items and documents as well as separated them for each other.

This anti-theft pack will give your trip more exposure, and you’ll love it.

Weight: 0.87KG
Size: 15.6 Inches
Volume: 20-35L
Material: PU Soft Synthetic Leather
Usage: Camping, Cycling, Hiking, Hunting, Fishing, Trekking, Mountain Climbing
Feature: Leather, Fashionable, Cell Phone Pocket, Wear-Resistance, Waterproof Fabric
Price: Check Price Here
Pros: High-quality synthetic waterproof leather, retaining the feel of the leather while improving the anti-staining ability.

The fabric used for this backpack is more comfortable and softer than regular fabric. Every detail of the pack highlights the combination of superb craftsmanship and quality materials.


This backpack is the best example of superb craftsmanship as it is crafted in a combination of waterproof and high-quality leather.

Featuring a stylish and minimalist design, it can hold up to 35 Liter.

The design abandons the traditional single carrying methods and adds a variety of convenient carrying ways.

So, due to this ability, you can store more of your stuff easily.

Furthermore, the backpack has a large capacity and a compact body to make travel easier.

There’s functional pocket design for efficient sorting and storage of small objects.

Besides, the backpack is paired with two fabrics for superior water and abrasion resistance.

So, this backpack will make your travel more convenient and more accessible.

Volume: 36-55L
Weight: 1.2KG
Material: Nylon and Terylene
Usage: Camping, Traveling, Work, Business, Hiking, Trekking, Mountaineering
Feature: Large Capacity, Computer Interlayer, Waterproof, Key Chain Holder, Silt Pockets
Price: Check Price Here
Pros: There’s plenty of pockets in this backpack to carry your belongings. Its material is waterproof as well as it has a rain cover.

This pack is specially designed for electronic equipment.


Because it is airlifted, a power bank is not included with the backpack.

You can take 17 inches’ laptop as well as there’s USB charging port.

When you look at its design you’ll know that this bag is specially created for digital nomads.

A digital nomad is a person who hikes with its digital equipment.

Rivet reinforcement steel wire, elastic buffer strap, and high strength two-way zipper make this backpack very strong.

Moreover, its USB charging port in on shoulder strap.

Its sturdy structure ensures a long service life.

Anti-wear and scratch-proof characteristics make this bag more attractive.

This product adopts polyester fabric with high strength, excellent heat, and wear-resistance property.

So, because of so many characteristics, this hiking backpack is one of the best overall.

Volume: 20L
Material: Nylon
Usage: Hiking, Hunting, Fishing, Climbing
Feature: Waterproof, Breathable
Price: Check Price Here
Pros: The climbing backpack is specially designed for mountaineering. As you can see, it is one-shoulder backpack because it reduces stress while climbing a mountain.

Moreover, you may use this bag when you don’t have much to carry with you.


The one-shoulder climbing backpack is one of the best options for mountaineering.

This backpack is made with military material that provides a high stretch buckle and comfortable handle.

Furthermore, with its adjustable straps, you can easily manage it according to your need.

Have you ever listed about molle system? I hope lots of people don’t know about it.

It’s an army technique to hold various gadgets around their backpack.

Likewise, climbing a shoulder backpack provides the molle system to carry your belonging whenever you are climbing a mountain.

The intermediate storage location is another excellent opportunity to store stuff.

Thus, you may carry as much as a person wants during mountaineering.

Weight: 0.42KG – 0.47KG
Size: 17 – 19 Inches
Volume: 8L – 9L
Material: Polyester
Usage: Cycling, Hiking, Hunting, Fishing, Trekking, Mountain Climbing
Feature: Fashionable, Cell Phone Pocket, USB Charging Port, Water Repellent
Price: Check Price Here
Pros: When you decide to go cycling, you may need various stuff on your way. To full fill your need during your cycling journey, you need a backpack like this one.

You can carry your gadgets within this One Shoulder Cycling Backpack. One of the main pros of this bag is lightweight.


I always insist on quality because if you don’t have a quality product, you can never go far with it.

You’ll get to size in this backpack; the one is 17 inches, and the other is 19 inches.

Please don’t rush out I have something more to tell you!

This backpack provides an option to put 8 inches of tablet in it.

Furthermore, on the back of the bag, there’s a breathable material that has been used.

Despite its beautiful design, it provides durability to stand with you on your journey.

So, if your stuff volume is maximum 9L, then I highly recommend this backpack for you.

Weight: 60g
Volume: 20L
Material: Polyester
Usage: Camping, Cycling, Hiking, Hunting, Trekking
Feature: Ultralight, Foldable, Palm Size After Storage, Breathable Shoulder Straps, Waterproof
Price: Check Price Here
Pros: This ultralight backpack can be used to carry 20 Liter of stuff within it. Don’t worry about getting wet because it is a waterproof pack.

The most important feature of this bag is the size after unloading it, which is about the palm-size.


20L waterproof foldable backpack can carry your documents, accessories, and all the essential stuff you need on a trip.

Due to its foldable characteristic, you can put it into your pocket when you carry out stuff from it.

Moreover, according to customer reviews, this backpack is durable and can sustain in hard situations.

So, don’t you worry! It’ll not tear apart until you carry more than 25 Liter in it.

What I love in this backpack is its ultralight weight and the feature of folding.

Most of the time, I carry this backpack on a small journey.

Weight: 0.22KG
Volume: 20L
Material: Nylon
Usage: Camping, Cycling, Hiking, Hunting, Trekking
Feature: Ultralight, Foldable, Waterproof, Thirteen Colors
Price: Check Price Here
Pros: It is designed for everyday use or short adventures. This foldable pack carries many advantages like you can take it wherever you want without occupying extra space.

There’s a pocket where you can put your mobile, pen, and other gadgets.


This ultralight and ultra-durable are perfect for day-to-day use or day trips, vacations, and hiking.

The go-anywhere backpack offers a sleek, stylish look and exceptionally useful packing space-all that’s perfect for savvy, minimalist packers

The daypack’s adjustable and breathable straps ensure a proper and comfortable fit.

It’s made with high-quality water and tears resistance nylon material.

This waterproof foldable backpack provides several pockets for handy storage and convenient organization.

In addition to its roomy main compartment, the backpack features one front zipper pocket for smaller items.

Moreover, an internal zippered pocket, and two open-mesh side pockets for quick access such as guide books and camera or water bottle and umbrella.

So, overall you can use this backpack everywhere you want.

Volume: 20L
Weight: 0.46KG
Material: Nylon and Polyester
Usage: Traveling, Business, Work, Camping, Hiking, Trekking
Feature: Soft handle, Zipper Pockets, Waterproof, Silt Pockets
Price: Check Price Here
Pros: The design of this backpack is for women. Waterproofing and casual characteristics make this backpack stand differently, among other backpacks.

Women can use this backpack for leisure, traveling, and vacation activities.


With waterproof fabric, you can also use this bag in the raining season.

There are many pockets to put things.

As women want to carry their beauty accessories with them, so here’s many pockets to carry!

Exterior provides pockets like a front pocket, back pocket, and side pocket to carry a mobile, bottle, etc.

If you are an adventurous woman, then this hiking backpack is for you!

So, it’s mean you can carry all the hiking and camping material in this bag.

Another component that attracts women towards this backpack is its stylish universal design.

Therefore, I highly recommend women to take this bag for travel as well as daily use.

Volume: 20-35L
Material: PU Soft Leather
Usage: Traveling, Business, Work, Trekking, Vacation
Feature: Softback, Zipper and Hasp, Cell Phone Pocket, Soft handles
Price: Check Price Here
Pros: This is a stylish leather backpack for women. Although its size is small, it still provides much space for ladies’ gadgets.

Women can take it to carry various items.


As it’s evident from its picture that this stylish backpack is for ladies.

So, here’s the best option for teenage girls to carry their stuff.

The main feature of this beautiful pack is its straps.

Two straps have zip between them so that you can close the zip and make one single strap for you.

Therefore, you can test two different styles in a single backpack.

To be exact, when you travel to another country or city, you take a lot of stuff, but when you want to wander at the place you visit, you can’t take the whole pack with you.

So, at that time, this backpack will help you to carry necessary stuff in it for you to enjoy wandering.

Volume: 20-35L
Material: Canvas and Polyester
Size: 15 Inches
Usage: Traveling, Business, Work, Trekking, Vacation
Feature: Softback, Casual, Cell Phone Pocket, Soft handles
Price: Check Price Here
Pros: Selecting a backpack for women means it must be beautiful, stylish, and durable at the same time. So, here’s the one for you, girls!

It has accurate shoulder straps as well as interior zipper pockets.


The designer luxury canvas travel backpack is for girls.

The main feature that I’ve not discuss above its waterproof function.

Yeah! This pack has a waterproof feature as well.

Moreover, it has circulating ventilation and moisture absorption perspiration characteristics.

Personally, I love its design!

So, don’t worry about its durability. As per customer reviews, it’s a good hiking backpack.

Volume: 36-55L
Material: Canvas and Polyester
Size: 15 Inches
Usage: Traveling, Business, Work, Trekking, Vacation
Feature: Softback, Hasp, Casual, Cell Phone Pocket, USB Charge Port, Soft handles
Price: Check Price Here
Pros: Unlike the backpack mentioned above for women, this backpack has a USB charging port. It is one of the most durable bags available for women.

Moreover, it is created with the embossing technique.


Its widened design allows the backpack to cover your all back and help to carry weight easily.

Furthermore, it is close to the back and protects the cervical spine.

Hasp closure makes this hiking backpack more fascinating and durable.

To be exact, this backpack is specially designed for digital nomad girls who always want to take their digital accessories with them.

Also, you can put your laptop and tablet in this beautiful bag.

So, in my opinion, a girl who loves her digital accessories should get this travel backpack.

Volume: 20L
Weight: 0.52KG
Material: PU High-Quality Soft Leather and Polyester
Usage: Traveling, Business, Work, Trekking, Vacation
Feature: Leather, Softback, Hasp, Casual, Cell Phone Pocket, Soft handles
Price: Check Price Here
Pros: No different than other mentioned women backpack. The main difference and interesting fact is soft leather.

Some backpackers love to have leather backpacks, and this one is for women.


Women’s leather backpack has ample space to meet your daily needs.

You can put your daily necessities, magazines, wallets, mobile phones, and cosmetics.

No matter what type of back law you want, it will bring you comfort and stress-free experience.

Moreover, sewing alignment highlights the quality of insurance.

The connection rings are reliable as the material is soft and comfortable.

Furthermore, you can adjust the length of shoulder straps according to your height.

If you are a lover of a leather hiking backpack, there isn’t the best option except for this one in a small capacity.

Which Hiking Backpack is Best for You!

There’s no exact answer to this question!

As I listed 20 hiking backpacks and their capacity above, now it’s up to you which bag will suit your requirements.

Although there’s the best backpack for you, all this boils down to your preference.

I wish you the best of luck moving forward with your selection.

Do you want more guides and tips for traveling and hiking? So, visit the Travel Tips section of Adventures Dream.

Moreover, I selected Kikin Sports for all of my backpacks because it is a trustworthy seller!

I again wish you excellent luck with the selection of a travel backpack.