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Do you want to know how to pack cookies for later use?

Here’s the best guide for you!

Cookies are always delicious and at their best when we eat them fresh.

Sometimes you need to store them for later use as some people store their diets.

Cookies are always delicious and at their best when we eat them fresh.

Sometimes you need to pack cookies for later use.

The box or tin you are using to store your cookies is essential as it has many benefits.

Whether you are keeping your homemade goodies, sending them as a gift, or want to keep them fresh.

Cookie Box with Window

  • It is also called Pastry and Cookie Box. It’s an attractive and yet simple cookie box that is perfect for displaying, shipping, or pack cookies.
  • It is an easy pop-up box with a clear window on top and is strong enough to take cookies.
  • Transport yummy baked goods. It comes in a bright white-color surface, which means to attract different generations.
  • Because of the bold white body, it will easily highlight any treat or pastry you put in.
  • Each box is a robust one-piece design as it is of durable paperboard.
  • These containers are strong enough to protect and keep the freshness intact of any baked good/treat on display or in transport.
  • It is an easy flip open box. Just swing the tabs down under the lid to assemble!

Decorative Cookie Boxes

This cardboard made paper are great to store, gift, or transport your packed cookies.

It is a beautiful floral patterned box which you can usually decorate with a colorful ribbon.

You can assemble them quickly as they are of one piece.

It is available in various colors, and designs.

  • For Gift Boxes, a Complete set of 12 Gift boxes in four different colors, Green, Blue, Pink, White, are available in the market.
  • Along with the packages matching ribbons also comes along for decoration purpose.
  • You can use them for all occasions like Christmas, holidays, graduations, etc.
  • You can use them to pack cookies and transport them.
  • These Gift Boxes are style as one piece, and the Pull Bows are of Smooth Poly Ribbon.

Decorative Cookie Tins

  • Stainless steel cookie tins are stylish, sturdy, and a long-term usage box.
  • It is of steel with beautiful patterns and designs, perfect for gifting, storing, or transporting your cookies.
  • For durability, they use steel in the manufacturing of these tins.
  • They come in a three-pack, which includes a small, medium, and large container.
  • Cookie Tins are for gifts, storage, transportation, and more.
  • Set of three stylish Stainless Steel Cookie Tins are available in the market, which are different in size approximately large: 8″ diameter, Medium: 6.8″ diameter, Small: 5.7″ diameter with pretty floral and attractive designs.
  • Perfect for gifting homemade cookies, keeping or sending treats during the holidays, or at any time of year!
  • These tins have multiple uses around the house.
  • You can use them for food storage, keeping craft supplies, holiday cookie gift, and you can use it for children’s activities, and much more.

They have a quality on which you can count on.

These high-quality Cookie Tins are made of thicker steel for persistent durability and are 100% food grade.

They can last for many years with proper care.

Treat Bag With Windows

Small Bakery Bags with Size: 3.54×2.36×6.7 “perfect for using a little treat.

They are lovely window bags which we can use as gift bags for 8oz roasted coffee beans, cookies, bars, popcorn Candy bar, goodies, etc.

  • A laminated poly liner is on the inside of the bag to keep edibles fresh. It will take care of grease from the butter and will not let cookies stick to each other.
  • It holds a unique design .normally we see cardboard shaped into a square or a rectangle, but this bag is of paper and have a sleek shape that fits the attention of the consumer.
  • With metal tabs, it is easy to open or close the bag with a secure lining. These bags are bio-degradable and recyclable.

Cardboard Gable Cookie Boxes

These cookie boxes are made of cardboard material and have a spectacular die-cut design, which is unique and attractive.

It includes unique handles for easy and friendly carrying.

These boxes do not comprise of eco-friendly materials. on the customization, you can manufacture it with matte lamination and gloss.

Windows Cookie Sleeve Box

  • These boxes have a window cut design and a long rectangular shape.
  • Pack the cookies inside flashy boxes to keep the freshness and clean looks.
  • The window cut shape lets you view the cookies without opening the box.
  • A stunning sleeve design adds up with gloss and a matte finish.To keep the freshness intact and a great package to transport your cookies.
  • The sleeve cookie boxes are of cardboard material.
  • The manufacturing properties of cardboard material allow it to absorb the moisture inside the packaging, keeping the cookies crispy and retain the taste.
  • The design of the sleeve drawer cookie box offers a slide-out mechanism, which makes it easy to open and close after pack cookies.