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Living in Australia provides you many life-time opportunities because Australia is in the list of best places to visit and live. When you decide to move to Australia, you’ll find plenty of reasons to do so. But, every country has pros and cons for the citizens. So, no need to worry.

Here, I’ll share every detail about Australia and life in Australia.

History of Australia

Australia is a very captivated country and many students want to know about its history.

About 22% of the international students join institutes in Australia and their degrees are well excepted in the world.

  • One of the Oldest Histories: Australians have a rich history which is dated back almost 50,000 years. It means Australia has the oldest living history in the world.
  • First Fleet: The first fleet of 11 boats visit Botany Bay in 1788 to establish new south wales. Letter it was accepted as free colony South Australia in 1836.

Life in Australia

Australians cities are considering as the most livable cities in the world.

Many people indeed choose to live in Australia every year.

Australia is home to 21 million people and an incredible place to live and work.

Because of its unpolluted atmosphere, living in Australia is certainly the best destination.

But apart from its beauty, many other things make living in Australia fascinating.

Here the reasons to move to Australia:

  • The Wonderful Atmosphere

Australia is a vast county and has a variety of temperatures from region to region.

The north area of Australia has a more tropical influenced climate, hot and humid in summer. But, quite warn and dry in summer.

On the other hand, southern areas are cooler with mild summer and cool and rainy winters.

However, the average maximum temperature of Australia is 29°C in summer and around 16°C in winter.

Do you want a life in Australia with snow? Yeah! There is snow in certain places in Australia.

However, there is no snow in major cities or populated areas.

  • Hottest Months: December and January are the hottest months in the whole year. However, many people head south to escape the heat.
  • Coldest Months: The coldest months are June, July, and August. These months are the perfect time to explore north.

Living in Australia offers many opportunities throughout the year.

  • The Quality of life

The quality of life is the most important topic for everyone who’s looking at the benefits of living in Australia.

In a report of the UN, Australia is the second-best country in the world for its quality of life.

But, what a person expect in a quality of life in Australia?

According to research, it’s a combination of things that together make a country worth living.

These standards include:

  • The Weather Conditions
  • Shorter Working Hours.
  • More Public Holidays.
  • The Higher Wages.
  • Better Quality of Food.

These are some of the standards that everyone should know when looking at the benefits of living in Australia.

  • Outdoor Lifestyle

Australia is the fourth happiest country in the world. With more than 80% of Australians living 50kg or less from the coast.

People living in Australia usually spend a lot of time in the gardens because of the calm and peaceful climate.

Moreover, many community outdoor events are also happening in Australia. So, people are living a healthy lifestyle.

Many people spend their few hours a week at the beach by walking or playing with water.

There are markets, outdoor concerts, and film shows for everyone to explore.

Most of the people love you spend their weekends in outdoor activities.

International Students also love to explore outdoor opportunities while living in Australia.

You can do outdoor activities like:

  • You can do Bushwalking. It is a term that Australians use for hiking.
  • You can never get fed of Snorkeling while having a life in Australia.
  • Bike riding is the best experience in outdoor activities.
  • You should spend your time at clean beaches.
  • You can enjoy seeing the natural wonders of Australia.

However, no one can be bored living in Australia.

  • Beaches

Australia is having more than 10,000 beaches and if you want to visit every beach, you need 27 years!

Some of the best beaches are:

  • Whitehaven Beach in Queensland.
  • Cable Beach in Western Australia.
  • Wineglass Bay in Tasmania.
  • Byron Bay in New South Wales.

With such a variety of beaches, everyone can get a beach of his/her taste while having a life in Australia.

So, just ready your bucket list and start exploring beautiful beaches in Australia.

  • Job Opportunities

Australia has great job opportunities with higher pays.

Certainly, when we are talking about job opportunities that means higher pays and less working hours.

Currently, the minimum wage in Australia in 19.48 AUD per hour.

With such a good minimum wage no one can miss out on such a great opportunity.

No matter you are a doctor or nurse, plumber, or engineer, if your occupation is on the skills list you will earn handsome money.

The average working hours in Australia is 38 per week, Monday to Friday.

As well as a full-time employee is allowed to have four weeks’ annual leave.

If you are worried about taxes, then you should know non-residential people pay more taxes then residential ones.

  • Culture

Australians are famous for their friendly culture. However, there’s no need to worry about people’s behaviors.

Most of us don’t want to leave their relatives and start a new life with new people.

Everyone has their reasons to think like this. But, if you are deciding to have a life in Australia, then you should not worry about new people.

You’ll find Australian people informal, kind-hearted, and welcoming.

So, if you are looking at the pros of living in Australia, their culture should attract you.

You can make new friends easily and start a happy life in Australia.

  • Opportunities for Children

In Australia, many communities and organizations are working to change the system that impact kids. They want to improve the standards of living in Australia for children.

As you know, outdoor activities are very essential for kids for proper growth.

So, there are several outdoor activities for kids in Australia. There are tons of sports and arts clubs for kids to enhance their minds.

Australia has excellent schools for children having every facility for kids.

Here the list of opportunities for kids:

  • Kids can learn about animals in Australia.
  • Explore the Aboriginal Culture.
  • Explore Australia through Food.
  • Children should read a book about Australia.

What’s more than they grow up in a healthy and peaceful environment? Your kids’ growth is an important aspect while deciding to start a life in Australia.

  • Language

Australia is a multicultural nation. People living in Australia have a different accent, but all of them understand English.

Although Australia has no official language, but English has been selected as a national language since European Statement.

Facts about Australian Language:

  • They have the influence of Aboriginal Languages.
  • Some people’s accent has an Irish Touch.
  • Native speakers use consonants.
  • Different but consistent.
  • Use abbreviations frequently.

Language is a good reason to start a life in Australia.

  • Best Food

Australia is one of the best food countries in the world. There are several delicious food items and drinks.

Moreover, you can also get Chinese and Italian dishes here.

Australia has plenty of unique food options to suit all tastes.

Here are some of the best foods you should try:

  • Barbecued Snags.
  • Damper.
  • Lamingtons.
  • Meat Pies.
  • Crab Sticks.
  • Chicken and Corn Soup.
  • Green Chicken Curry Pie.
  • Hamburger with Beetroot.
  • Grilled Kangaroo.

No matter what your tastes, there are plenty of ways to enjoy Australian foods.

It is a big reason to live in Australia. You’ll love Australian food. Moreover, there are many amazing restaurants in Australia for you!

  • Coffee

Australia has the best coffee on this planet. Australian coffee culture is one of the most advanced cultures.

However, Australians care about the quality and taste of the coffee.

In Australia, most of the conversation starts by asking for coffee. No matter you are friends or not Australian people will ask you for coffee.

Coffee culture is a big deal in Australia and it is getting bigger day by day.

Therefore, if you are living in Australia or deciding to do so, you must know about their coffee culture.

Some of the best coffee shops in Australia are:

  • Manchester Press – Melbourne.
  • Moore St General – Austinmer.
  • Artificer Specialty Coffee Bar and Roastery – Sydney.
  • SOHO Coffee Roasters – Adelaide.
  • Reuben Hills – Sydney.
  • Brother Baba Budan – Melbourne.
  • Dawn Petrol – Kangarilla.

Australia is the best country for coffee lovers.

Cons of Living in Australia

For many years, Australia has topped the list of the best countries in the world.

However, thousands of people from all around the world start living in Australia every year.

Even though Australian society is multicultural and offering opportunities to all.

But, every country has its pros and cons, so do Australia has.

I’ve given you reasons to start a life in Australia. But, you should also know about the difficulties that you could face living in Australia.

But no need to worry. Australia has pros much profitable.

Below are the cons of living in Australia:

  • Expensive Housing Market

The housing market in Australia is one of the hottest in the world.

The housing market is climbing at a high rate since 2018 and is increasing day by day.

Particularly, Sydney and Melbourne Housing Market are having risen at a sharp rate. While in other towns, the prices a relatively low.

The fact is that if you want to buy your own house, you have to dig deep.

  • Your Medical

If you have a desire to start a life in Australia, you must have a proper medical condition to get a visa.

Australia will not allow you to immigrate if you have HIV, Hepatitis, or Aids.

In addition, you must be under the age of 45 to get immigration opportunities.

An eleven (11) year old child don’t need a chest x-ray. But, you have to provide your children’s immunization records to get a visa.

Similarly, a pregnant woman can’t immigrate while having a child. So, pregnant women have to give birth before immigration.

  • Living Expenses

While Australia has high standards of living, there is also a high cost of living in Australia.

Living cost in Australia for one person is 2,835 AUD per month. While it is 4,118 AUD for a couple.

If you are a family of four, your monthly expenses will be 5,378 AUD.

In addition, the private health insurance is relatively costly than the State Medicare System.

  • Character Certificate

You have to prove your good character while immigrating to Australia. Character certificate is a compulsory document to start a life in Australia.

You need to assure them with follows:

  • Your criminal record.
  • You should not have an association with any criminal person.
  • Your general conduct.

Life in Australia want some securities. So, you have to prove your good character for getting a visa.

  • School and Education

Education opportunities in Australia are excellent. They have good teachers and education programs.

There is a mixture of public and private schools.

Although, their education system is one of the best in the world. But, the cost of education is relatively very high.

In addition, competition can be intense for admission in so elite private schools.

And also the fee of such schools can be expensive.

Moving to Australia

If you are planning to have a life in Australia, you have a complete guide about the pros and cons here.

You’ll be familiar with Australian culture, lifestyle, and people after reading this article.

I also have a range of articles on other countries like America, Pakistan, and you can also get a complete guide on the Safest countries in Africa.


In conclusion, there’s a lot to love about living in Australia.

The beaches in the country are fantastic. You’ll have access to a modern lifestyle.

Australia is providing a high standard of living, so you’ll enjoy your life in Australia.

Moreover, it is one of the most beautiful destinations to explore on this planet.

If you already speak English, you can easily integrate into their society.

With so many opportunities there are still some difficulties for you.

But, if you scrutinize carefully, you’ll understand these difficulties are for some specific reasons.

So in the end, after considering every aspect it is an excellent chance to start a life in Australia.

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